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Thinking of buying a house, but have a million questions about mortgages? Look no further! This course will help you look at what mortgage options fit you and your budget, plus it helps you learn about the mortgage application process.

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2 min read
Mortgage Application Checklist
Applying for a mortgage takes a lot of documentation—prepare with this mortgage application checklist.
5 min read
Buying a Home
All you need to know about purchasing a place to rest your head.
5 min read
Working with a Mortgage Lender
Finding a mortgage lender isn't as hard or scary as it seems.
7 min activity
Mortgage Affordability Calculator
Can you afford a mortgage based on your income and budget?
2 min activity
Mortgage Estimation Calculator
See how much mortgage you can afford, starting with your ideal monthly payment amount.
2 min read
Making a Down Payment on a House
A down payment is an important element of home buying, but what is it? And how can you save for one?
7 min activity
What Mortgage Can I Afford?
Find the mortgage that will work best with your goal monthly payment.
4 min read
The Cost of a Mortgage
The cost of a mortgage depends on the amount you borrow, the APR, and how long you take to repay.
3 min read
Credit Scores
Every single time you use credit, the details are added to your credit report and used to influence your credit score.
4 min read
Insuring Your Home
If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to protect your investment by getting it insured.
8 min activity
Mortgage Type Activity
Which mortgage is right for you?
7 min read
To Buy or Not to Buy?
There are some compelling reasons to buy real estate, but it's not a clear-cut situation for everyone.
3 Min Activity
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